Data Analyst

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Filimo is a pioneer in the entertainment industry and the first Video On Demand Platform(VOD) in Iran, now reaching most subscribers in Iran. Our customers consume thousands of hours of content per month on a myriad of devices, and business continues to grow. 

Job description

Develop data collection dashboards - Gather data and regularly update the respective databases - Analyze data, identify trends and patterns, and generate information - produce meaningful reports for decision-makers - Regularly improve the respective . structures and processes and implementing data analytics models to discover customer behavior and buying patterns

List of responsibilities

Generate reports from Database and Data adaptation 

Create reports in power bi

 Collecting and interpreting data

 Analyzing results

 Reporting the results back to the relevant members of the Project.

 Identifying patterns and trends in data sets 

 design and implementation of a Data-Driven marketing campaign 

نیازمندی های موقعیت شغلی

Knowledge of statistical analysis

Basic knowledge of machine learning

Used Python for collecting, manipulating, analyzing and visualizing data 

Familiarity with Python libraries, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Sklearn 

 Analytical skills with an excellent grasp of SQL, R, Python, etc

 Familiar with Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies 

Experience in data models and reporting packages

An analytical mind and inclination for problem-solving

 Attention to detail

You enjoy working with data to identify patterns, anomalies, and opportunities

You love to use data to drive decision-making

Focus on accuracy as these reports are used for key business decision-making and external reporting

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